Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ohh... Look... And in a "Catholic" country too!

Okay... Perusing my normal morning reads, and of course, the BBC figures strongly in my daily sources of news.

Spain has SPOKEN... (article) and I'm SO chuffed for the folks that live in Spain.

Of COURSE the Catholic Church tried to "block" the legislation, but in spite of the meddling clerics of Rome the folks were able to pass this'n through.

My favourite quote from the article is:

"We are not legislating, ladies and gentlemen, for remote unknown people - we are expanding opportunities for the happiness of our neighbours, our work colleagues, our friends, our relatives" - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

That's the true point. I don't really understand why the US Gov. amongst MANY others seem to feel the need to write laws BANNING Gay couples from marriage. This is a really bad point with a lot of folks, okay, I know that... But really one has to wonder why LAWS are needed banning or allowing gay marriage. Marriage is only half civil. Otherwise it's a religious thing. And the fact that people get SO angry about the idea is usually a religious reason. "God says it's wrong."

Um... Folks... God never said that two gay people having sex and/or living together was evil. A human said that. I mean... A HUMAN said that. Not God. God didn't say ANYTHING about that at all. Okay? God passed down the 10 Commandments, supposedly... Okay... Good. Where on that list does it say "Thou shalt not have sex with others of your same sex." I don't remember reading that one. Also... When your Christ showed up... He said there's only TWO commandments. Love God before all, and love your neighbours as yourself.

Um... Love.

Yeah... Just LOVE. That's all he said... He didn't say "DON'T LOVE" he said love.

Perhaps if the human race did a little more loving one's neighbour, and less "God told me to kill you." shit... We'd all be in a better place.

-- Slànte -T