Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh fer cryin' out loud...

Full disclosure... I'm an Obama supporter. My reasons are many and varied, and I don't have time to go through my own reasons for supporting his candidacy.

What's driving me a bit nuts today is the "Feminist" angle that many prominent and respectable women are taking, this philosophy that is driving them toward supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

It's 'cause she's a woman.

That's it. I swear, some of these older feminist ladies would vote for Eva Peron, if she were alive and running.

This article,by Doug Grow, cheesed me off today. Amy Klobuchar (DFL MN), and superdelegate has decided to throw her support behind Sen. Obama for president. She's made this decision, and now... The other female superdelegates are pissy, 'cause she's violated some sort of "feminist-code" or something.

A quote from the article:
    State Rep. Phyllis Kahn, a DFLer from Minneapolis, is a pioneer for women in a number of fields. A Clinton supporter, she thinks that perhaps younger women, such as Klobuchar, don't understand how hard it was for women to break down barriers.
Oh fer...

Here's my take on why the whole feminist argument is bunk, okay... Women today are still hitting glass ceilings. I get that... Women today are still not working at the same percentage as men, when one looks at pretty much every job out there. But......... Isn't the idea of supporting a woman for president, simply because she IS a woman, just a bit out of step from the feminist idea? Isn't feminism about 'equality' and how women are just the same (I'll say better, generally) than men? Shouldn't women who consider themselves to be feminist, support whomever is BEST for a job, rather than supporting someone due to the sex of that person. Is the idea that WOMEN take over from men, or that all of us live in actual equality?

Barack Obama is the best candidate. Hillary Clinton is NOT the best candidate. Can we perhaps all agree that her having a uterus doesn't actually change those two facts?

Probably not, but... Darn. I wish it could happen.

-- Tuckmac

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