Monday, July 04, 2005

Wow, busy weeekend.

First, 'cause you all asked... Pictures from the Graduation Masquerade ball... After that, well... I get political again.

Fiona in her dress outside of KIAD waiting for the coach (bus to us Yanks).

Myself and Fiona waiting for the coach.

Me in my get-up, and the mask that Fiona made for me. Good job, huh?

Fiona looking saucy... Hot, no?

Okay... So... That being done. The ball was really fun... Great night... Good music (well for the first half, with the live band... The DJ playing the Brit idea of "top 40" was pretty dismal) and the dinner wasn't half bad!

All right... Political.

I don't know how much coverage this got over in the States... But there was a big concert this weekend held in different venues all over the world, called "Live 8". I hope you know what it's about. If not... Well, under the umbrella charity called "Make Poverty History" there's a movement to end poverty in Africa... Forgive third-World debt... And generally call for peace.

The G8 meeting is happening in Edinburgh this week, and LIVE 8 Was set up to show the politicians just what the WORLD wanted them to do about the Third-World. Here's the New York Times (use for the password) article describing the hopes and dreams as well as the reality of the affair.

Now... In Britain there are a lot of jokes about Sir Bob Geldoff and his hopes to change the world through music. Most of the jokes are vaguely mean, but he can be a snotty bastard. But... That being said... He pulled off Live 8 with only about a month of planning, and he's very passionate about the cause.

Please... On the American Day of Independence... When your patriotic side is strongest... Help our leaders make the right decisions! Sign the on-line petition for Live 8... Tell the eight World Leaders just what is RIGHT and help them make the correct decisions regarding the poor and destitute of the world.

Slànte - T