Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ah... Tuesday, and a bad day for toupees!

Greetings, readers...

It's windy outside, at the moment. Very, very windy. Like a lot. Don't wear loose head-gear today in Minneapolis.


Anyhoo... Found this great toy... You ever get tired of those "motivational posters" that you see in corporate board-rooms at the moment?

Well... I hate them. I mean, as an artist, I'd rather corporations buy MY work, rather than a $20.00 poster and use IT! Bastards!

Anyhoo... Make your OWN! Check THIS out:

Tee hee... Here's the link: "Motivator" A thank you to the "Welsh-speaking Guy" for finding it originally. And... I'll be nice. The "Welsh-speaking guy" writes stuff, and he's funny, and he has a new column out. Why am I being nice? Well... He was blatant enough to ask people to link to it, so he gets more "Google" hits. If you're THAT ballsy, I'll go along, even if a guy's just joking around.

Anyhoo... After yesterday's entry... I received a comment from a friend across the pond, saying that I should run for president.

What do you all think?

I think I should. Of course, I don't have any endorsements... Or money... And the foreign wife is an issue... And the fact that I'm a tree-hugging - bleeding-heart liberal - socialist - Anglophile probably wouldn't stand me in good stead in an American race for the highest office in the land.


I guess I won't go for it. Och weel.

(I'm deliberately NOT talking about the puppy today. I won't go into how insane he was yesterday, and how nice he's being today, or that we're thinking of taking him for a walk around the lakes, even though it's really windy, or that he's just a cuddle-muffin from cute-ville, or anything like that, 'cause none of you want to know about our cuddly-wuzzely-boofda-head today, do you?)


My Lady is painting in her studio, and I'm going to get to work on more job-searching shite today... Gah... So...

Since you don't want to hear about that... I'm going to get going. Have a good-un!

-- Tuckmac