Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pheww... Glad YESTERDAY is over.


I can't think of a worse thing, than writing cover-letters, and changing your C.V. around 18 times. Gah.

By the way, if you're wondering WHY I changed my C.V. around 18 times, it's... Well, okay, I only did it about nine times. Not 18, but saying 18 just has that effect ya' ken?

Anyhoo... I took a course in college about job-searching, and "selling" yourself, and they said that you really should cater to specific jobs in you C.V. and Cover-letter. It's true... It's always worked for me... But that doesn't mean that it's any fun.

I normally have TWO C.V.s. I have my "Bartending/Retail/Sales" C.V. with all the "normal" jobs that I've done... And then I have a "Professional" C.V. with my artist/photo/educator sort of stuff on it. But... When looking for such a slew of different jobs, I had to adjust the damn thing over and over again.

Och weel... It's done... I have all the different versions SAVED, so... If I'm applying for a retail job, I use a "retail" C.V. if I'm applying for a Bar job, "Bar C.V." and if I'm applying for a photo/art job... The "Art C.V" but that's different than my "Publishing/Graphic Design C.V." and...

Ad infinitum... Ad nausium.


I got three "Job-position StarTribune" job search e-mails this morning... And they're already the same jobs I applied for yesterday so... I'm saved the trouble of sending out MORE of my freaking things. Thank all the gods.

Anastasia... You poor, poor baby. Hang in there... And you really SHOULD have at least a glass of wine after work to help you to calm down. Needless to say... I didn't apply for any non-profits or charities. I'm not that insane. ;-)

Dorsey... Thanks for your inspirational words... I'm glad you like my writing. Do not for a minute think that I'm not always open to pursuing an occasional column here or there in a magazine or publication of some sort... However... Writing is much like being an artist. You do it 'cause you have to, and occasionally someone is silly enough to pay you for a piece of work, but... It doesn't put food on the table, nor does it put a roof over one's head. Oh... I suppose I could get lucky, either as a photographer (as is my wont) or a writer, or heck... Even a musician. But usually that's all about LUCK, and lately, except for the amazing wife I've caught... My luck is pretty shite. Och weel... I'll keep trying, and thanks again for your words.

Thought I'd throw up a few photos...

First, Monsieur Sorebum chillin' in the studio:

and My Lady in the studio:

My mother has just bought a new dryer, as the old one died a week and a half ago... It's rather interesting... The guys came in to take away the old one, and put in the new one. The moron that put in the old one was trying to kill us all... No safety valve on the gas-connection... No flex tube (but it was a long time ago)... And he put it in "hand tight" meaning the moron didn't use a tool. The installation guys were like: "It's amazing you didn't blow up years ago!"

Comforting, no?

Anyhoo... The new one is working, safe, and is much prettier than the 35 year-old former dryer... So, YAY! My Lady and I were on our last pair of undies today, and so laundry is a GOOD thing.

I'm off to fold!

Smiles and Kittens!

-- Tuckmac

Addendum, 11:30am:

Found, yet another, silly meme...

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Interesting results... not.

-- T