Saturday, December 31, 2005

Man... New year?

Oh... Well... Okay.

You know, I was reading the paper today, and everything in it is a "look back at 2005" story.


I mean, really... What happened this year? Wars, famine, bombings, shite... Government spying, government lying, governments starting, governments ending.

I don't know. Good things? Fi graduated... I got my MFA... My marriage, my friends' marriages... Friends passing away... Friends being left behind in Britain, and no new ones in the States, as of yet...

Moving back to my own country... Making the decision to STAY here, instead of running back to Britain, like I probably SHOULD do...

Starting immigration proceedings...

Looking for a job...

What's happening in 2006?

More wars, famines, bombings and shite... More government spying, lying and starting and ending.

Fi's not going to graduate again, I'm not getting another MFA... I'm married, and my friends are married... More marriages? More deaths? More friends being left behind, this time in Minnesota, as Fi and I move on to different parts of the U.S.? More immigration worries, still looking for a job...


You know... Sometimes, one shouldn't write in his blog.

Happy fucking New Year.

-- T