Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gah, it's Wednesday already? Shite.


The good news, is that although it's Wednesday, and I'm a bit nervous about how fast time is moving... I know that every day this week so far, My Lady and I are getting a lot accomplished.

Yesterday... We put together furniture. That's right... It was an all day event. We were pleased to receive many gifts from our wedding... Some of these gifts were in the form of kitchen items... Like the marvellous bread-machine that our friend Lexie gave us. (Thanks again, Lexie, it's amazing.) Others were in the form of a wonderful little dinette set from Fiona's father Roger... (1 hour and 45 minutes to assemble) and a coffee table and computer desk/stand thing from Fiona's Mother, Step-father and sibs. (4 hours and 58 minutes to assemble). Yeah... The stuff is great! We love it! But DAMN do the morons that write the directions need to be fricking fired! What a mess! Fiona and I both spent a bit of time DISassembling things, in order to re-assemble in the correct way. It was frustrating. However... Now that they're together... Our studio is starting to look more like OUR studio. It's great!

In between building things... Fiona and I went skating... Here's a rather horrible-resolution-ed photo from my camera-phone. Yeah... Sorry. But I didn't have my REAL camera with me:

It was fun! I talked about the "Toe-pick" incident on the first day of owning skates... And I can say that after an hour and a half of skating yesterday, I'm getting used to the damn things... You really CAN turn on a dime. (Brits, think 5p sized coin).

Anyhoo... As to news... You'll notice I'm not doing much of that at the moment. Well... That's due to us having to deal with our somewhat recalcitrant government in getting Fiona's visa sorted. Therefore, I'm watching just how "subversive" I am, just till our legal battles are sorted.


Anyhoo... I hope you're all well... And enjoy the winter solstice.

Blessed Yule!