Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Apologies readers...

I realise that I've been rather remiss at actually keeping up with the posting, lately. And unfortunately, I'm not sure when all will be settled enough to allow me to return to daily posting. I'm not saying I WILL NOT return to it, I'm just not sure as to the schedule.

You see... My wife is here, visiting from Scotland. I'm working forty to forty-five hours a week at my horrible employer's place in the Mall of America, and trying to get our lives sorted. You see... I'm living at home with the parent. Thus, my wife is now "living at home with the in-law" and... Well...

I'm sure I don't have to go into it.

Wait... Before you all begin with your "evil-chuckles" no... They don't fight. In fact, they're getting on quite swimmingly... There's a certain "team-up" and "get the man" thing happening... And I'm not sure if it's really safe here, at all for my continued health. ;-)

No... It's just an adjustment time, and I'm not finding room in my schedule to check my E-MAIL every day, let alone do a blog posting.

But... We're still here... We're having a good time... And I've been told that I must quit my job, (an edict from both my wife and my mother) and thus will have a bit more time to keep up on the blog. You see... I'm starting a "real-esque" job at the end of this month... And they both think that I need more time to prepare for my "real-esque" job, and also to get my C.V. and portfolio updated... So...

I bow to their collective wisdom, like any good man... And will ride off into the sunset, and out of retail.

I wish you readers a good day!