Sunday, November 27, 2005

A blacker Saturday.

Hi folks...

It's actually 1:40am on Sunday, as I write this entry.

I just got off of work at midnight.

Due to the weather, and poor driving conditions... "Black Friday" wasn't actually that bad this year... But... As the title of this blog states, Saturday more than made up for it.

Today was nuts.

I just worked an eleven hour shift today.... I got my half-hour break at 3:30 when I started work at 1:00. So... I worked eight hours without a smoke-break or anything today.

I'm actually okay.

My feet are killing me... My legs were stricken with strange "nerve" things... Um... Sensations of "burning" in my thighs, which were really interesting.


You know... My legs are actually quite developed from living in Britain, and walking everywhere but now... I think my legs are growing even bigger! It's nuts.

Och weel... It's nice to know that $80,000 dollars and two degrees make me a great "retail employee."


I work tomorrow nine hours, and Monday, eight hours... And then I'm off Tues through Thursday.

Thank the gods.

I'll try to write again soon... But I'm feeling delicate.

I love all my readers...