Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

That's right folks... It's "Black Friday" as coined by retailers. The day after Thanksgiving, statistically the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. The term "Black Friday" is either the owner's of retail places term for the first day that retailers go from being unprofitable or "in the red" to profitable or "in the black."

I personally think that the term wasn't coined by the employers, but the employees, and that "Black Friday" actually is called that because it's the worst day to be an employee at a retail store, due to the sheer madness of the shoppers.

I could be wrong, but...

This will be the second time I go through a "Black Friday" at the mall of America as an employee. The first time was back in the mid-'90's when I worked at B.Dalton Bookseller at the Mall. I seem to remember crying after my shift 10 years ago. So... I'm not really looking forward to my shift today. On top of the "ritual madness" that is Black Friday... This is also only my second shift WORKING at this place, so... I'm a bit nervous because of that too. Eight hours of hell... With only the slim possibility of a fag-break... Is NOT a good thing for the Tuck-man.

So... Wish me luck.

Oh... And for all you "retail" folk that have dealt with being searched at a retail job, before going home... And saying it's "normal" I have only one thing to bemoan... The current state of employee/employer relations. The fact that as an employee, and not TRUSTED by your employer is a sad, sad commentary on our times today.

I'm not used to "not being trusted" and even if it IS normal... It's something that I really fucking HATE. Okay? I mean... We can all chuckle about it... But I don't think that we SHOULD. I think we should take our employers to TASK for this lack of faith... And conversely... Any employee STEALING from their employer should be shot, without trial. I'm not kidding... I think we have to return to immediate and firm removal of the wastes of space of our modern society... Remove the chaff, so the rest of us can return to our normal lives.


Well... I'm off. Oh, and My Lady's internet is down at the house, so if you don't hear from her for a while, it's not through her OWN lack... It's through the actions of an over-blown and quite bumbling British Telecom service. Think nice thoughts her way, as she's now REALLY cut off from the normal world, and stuck in a hell of epic proportions.

Smiles readers... Wish me luck.

-- T