Wednesday, November 16, 2005


And people in high school used to pick on me.

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Okay... Anyhoo...

What's up today?

Whilst still living in England, this was a huge story. I'm glad that it's in court, and I'm glad they're going to get these fucks! Let me also say... That Fiona and I, while agreeing that we may perhaps live in Britain in the future, have no interest in living in Liverpool. Yeah... The Beatles came from there, but that was the last good thing to happen in Liverpool. Oh... Well, my friend Roy came from Liverpool, and sounds like a proper scouser. And he's okay... But that's it. Nothing else good about the place.

And... US retains hold of the internet Normally... I'm all against the US being in charge of ANYTHING, however... When countries like Iran and China are the ones complaining about the US having a role in Internet addressing... Well, I wonder about a "real" reason that they're upset. Hmm???

That's it for today... Except for the weather report.

It's fecking cold. (As My Lady would say) and you know what... I'm loving it. At least it's not greypissrainpiss as my friend Anastasia would say... muahahahaha.

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