Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rob, you did it again, thanks.

Rob, thanks for this photo. And I can't think of a better way to start out the blog today than with this marvellous image:

Unfortunate Camera Angle


If you read the news, you'll notice that there were a tonne of bombings. Three in Jordon, and more in Iraq. Not going to go there, 'cause like normal, most blogs are going to be talking about them, and frankly... Bombings don't surprise any of us anymore. Sad, isn't it?

To all those "Intelligent Design" folks, I give you Darwinism at WORK. (See Mick, I told you I'd find a use for it. Thanks again for the link.)

Mr. Blair... Once again, I warn you. Try to act like "Bush-lite" again, and your people WILL slap your ass DOWN. The thing I've always liked about my "other" home country, is that they are not like us in the States. The more you try to lead the citizens of the UK down the road of a Nazi-State like the United States, well...

You're going down.

Brown's Time anyone?

Back home in Minnesota... I've never been that fond of Lori Sturdevant (Editorial writer in my home paper) but she did a nice job of summing up the future of Minnesotan politics in a good article. Lessons from the trouncing of Mayor Kelly.

Something came to me, whilst reading that particular article. I was listening to Public Radio yesterday, and some nameless Republican guy said that the Republican's didn't lose out this election... They proved their point, as all the Democrats that won were "conservatives" and "Republican's in Dem's clothing".

I'm sorry sir. You're right, but also very wrong. You see... Clinton did that, back in the early '90's. He was the original "Fiscally conservative, Socially Liberal" politician. The Dems have been doing that for over 10 years now. The only reason that Bush won in the last two elections, is 'cause you've been saying that the people shouldn't vote for a "Republican-Democrat" but for the real thing, a "Compassionate Conservative." But... Look at what Bush does... His "Compassion" was seen in the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina. His gutting of Medicaid/Medicare his further destruction of the Lower and Middle classes is seen in every action that comes out of the White House. There's NOTHING "compassionate" about his conservatism. He guts social programmes to feed his "base" the rich, robber barons of corporate America.

People are realising that he lies. Republican's can NOT be compassionate. But... Democrats CAN be. They don't lie. They drove down the national debt, they did 'help' people get off of Welfare and into jobs. Our economy was VERY strong under Clinton. And less and less people were starving to death.

No... Sir, Republicans are not 'Centrists' they are still VERY "Right" and not bloody central at all.

American's like being Middle of the Road. And with the political winds beginning to change... I hope we'll see a better America in the future.

I'm not holding my breath though... And neither should any of my readers.

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