Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekends were made for newspapers.

I'm serious... There's something extraordinarily great about sitting down with a big mug of coffee, a few fags, and the Sunday paper. You get all sorts of ads that you have to get through, but beyond that... The newspaper usually tries to do a really great job at not only giving you the news of the weekend, but also summing up the news of the past week. At times, they are able to draw NEW conclusions to older stories, simply by going back and looking at the story in a new "complete" sort of way.

While living in Britain, and being with my wife... My "newspaper Sunday" was curtailed a bit. I love my wife (I do, Lovey) and she's just as interested in reading the news as I am... However... My wife also really isn't one to sit down for four hours going through the newspaper. It kills her! I can actually see the bodily-vibrations start after the first hour... I can usually pull an extra hour out of the morning, whilst she begins cleaning, or doing some other sort of physical work. But... Then my inner Catholic-guilt kicks in, and I have to put down the paper and help her with whatever it is that she's doing. I grew used to my shortened "newspaper Sundays" and really didn't mind that much. However... Now that my wife is still stuck in the "Old Country" and I'm back here in Minnesota living at home with my mother (whole long drawn out story that I'm not going to get into at this moment... But suffice it to say, money=freedom. No money=lack of freedom.) anyhoo...

I woke up today at 8:30 am (CST) and poured myself a big cup of joe... Walked down into our basement (where my art-studio is located) and began to read the Star and Sickle. (No, that's not it's real name... That came from my friend Tim, who is a dripping-red Republican, who thinks that our Minneapolis paper is a haven for 'commie pinkos' and the like) I read the paper for three HOURS this morning... Front to back... Front Page, Nation, Twin-Cities-Region, the funnies, etc... Etc... And consumed six cups of coffee, and I lost track of the number of fags that I smoked. I feel complete. I have a rather horrible cough... But I feel good.

Then... I get to peruse the on-line versions of my favourites... NY Times, BBC news, et al... Ran across a few stories to share with you all...

First... I realise that us "Liberal-commie-pinko-traitors" keep bringing stuff like this up... But deal with it. It's real news. It's real reports. It's actual newsworthy information that we should make sure is disseminated out to the rest of the world!

So... It turns out that the Administration was even less disingenuous than we thought... Most of their "info" on Iraq and the supposed ties with Al-Qaeda was given by an Al-Qaedan member who just may have been giving the government the wrong information! Oh, my, gods! Really? Let me get this straight... We learned that there were ties between the dictator in Iraq, and Al-Qaeda from an Al-Qaeda leader who wants nothing more than the destruction of the US of A, and has given the administration the false news of ties, and perhaps, the reason he did this wasn't to help the US against their war on "Evil-doers" but actually to foster bad feelings between the Muslim world and the Western one? Really? Do you think that that's possible?


Okay... So suddenly... A thunderstorm in November turns dangerous... Unleashes an unseasonable tornado that crushes, you guessed it... Yet another Mobile-home park.

Folks... Do NOT live in a Trailer-home in the mid-West. YOU WILL DIE. This has become a cliché that trailer-parks are destroyed in tornados. Well... The reason it's a cliché is that it does actually happen every fucking tornado! Get out of the park... Have an address instead of a lot-number, and you may survive the scourge of the mid-west. Duh!

Finally... Cool science stuff... Mirror Therapy. Who'd a thunk it?

Well... I've got to get going, and start working on my novel. It's been a few days, and I haven't written anything... Going to fuck up my deadline. Ger... Wish me luck!