Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dude... I got nothing.

I went through all of them...

NY Times
Star and Sickle
BBC News
City Pages

NO-thing. Nada, zip, zero, bubbkis!

What a deal. I mean... Look, there's stuff about good ol' Scooter Libby being indicted... But... Really... Everyone's going to be writing and blogging about that story. I'm not interested. Rove is NOT indicted but he's "still under investigation." Right... That just means that they really couldn't get him for anything, so they've basically given up.


So... I'll just talk a bit about Tuckmac's life.

Went out with Mick last night to Kieran's Irish Pub. It was fun. Although most of the staff that we used to know has left, or is in the process of leaving... We were still able to see a few old friends... Nancy and Aisling(on right in photo) for a few examples. And it was pretty fun. Mick was a good boy, and drove whilst I got pretty well pissed (Brit "pissed" not Yank "pissed") and did the whole "I'm going to hate myself tomorrow, but I don't care" thing.

Good times though.

Yes... I did hate myself this morning. The hangovers just seem to get worse with every year. Gah. But, I'm almost recovered now.

Also... Due to Mick and others... I've joined up in the Nanowrimo thing... Should be interesting attempting to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Gah. Och weel... It's worth a shot, right?

Spoke with My Lady today... Since we've discovered the fact that she CAN actually be in the States with a tourist visa, whilst waiting for the other "types" of visas to come through... We've talked about just when she's going to be coming over.

It looks as though it may be by the end of November! YAY!

So... Stay tuned for further updates about our fun-time visa woes!

I'm off... Slànte!