Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mmmm... Coffee.

I've been enjoying the coffee machine. It's a "Mr. Coffee" and it is so nice to have SEVERAL cups of coffee every morning, rather than one or two out of a bloody café tiérre. Damn thing...


I was going to write about the "milestone" our government has reached.... But Mick beat me to it. And, may I say, did a much better job of commenting on it than I would've done.

Then I was going to write about all the stuff that I've had to do... And all the things that I've had to try to accomplish, but... My Lady is dealing with quite a bit more than I back in Scotland, so it didn't seem like a good plan to kvetch.

And So... I was at a loss as of what to actually put in my blog today...

Thank all the gods for my friend ROB! That's right... He's sent me a wonderful/funny/rude/amazing flash-link through e-mail.

I'm not sure where you GET this stuff, Rob... But you consistently give me a chuckle! Cheers to YOU Rob, and...

For all of you... Do NOT click on this link if you're at work. Or if you have kids sitting in the room. It's very vulgar and rude... There is swearing... There is a LOT of swearing... And it's a "song" with a flash animation... So even if you're wearing head-phones... The words on the screen may get you into trouble in several Bible-belt US States... Or the republic of Conga.

So... Click if you dare:
London Underground.

More tomorrow. Cheers readers!