Sunday, October 23, 2005

Notice the change in title.

That's right folks. I'm back in the U-S-of-A.




Anyhoo... The wait for the flight in Edinburgh was moderately awful. As I was leaving my wife behind me. It was honestly the most AWFUL thing I've ever done in my life.

The flights in general were okay, I suppose. The quick hop to Amsterdam was "quick." and the security on the gate for the U.S. leg of the journey was rather nazi-esque, but I guess one has to feel safer, right?

The flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis is horrifically long. But it went all right. It's about 10 hours, and so one's body is pretty much screaming at one self, but... I survived. Came back and was picked up at the airport from my Mother, it was good to see her. Went out with Mick and his wife Michelle.... Was great to see them. And went to bed at 12:00 midnight Minnesotan time, or 6 am the next DAY on my own time (according to the British time-zone.) SO...

I'm back.

Today I'm just getting myself put back together... And tomorrow starts the quest for a visa for my wife to come join me.

I hope all my readers (on both sides of the pond) are well... And know that I miss folks already!

Love ya, Slànte - T