Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday, Monday.... Gerrh, gack... Gah.

By the way... The title is from "Dennis Leary's" impression of Mama Cass' death.

I think it's funny. Awful. But funny.

It's been a good day. We picked up the wedding schedule (marriage license to you Yanks) and did some bits and bobs.

Don't have anything really to say, or time to really say anything either... However.

I thought I'd throw up a photo of My Lady and myself at our "going away" party in the Canterbury Tales Pub, in Canterbury.

Um... Yeah.... I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, and we're doing something else (my lady controls the schedule) so... Yeah. Fun.

We're going out tonight to the Buccluech (Buck-loo is the pronounciation) for a nice "break" time tonight.

Smiles and kittens! And to all my friends that are coming up to the wedding.... Two or Three DAYS (for most people) and we'll be seeing each-other. How cool is that???