Friday, September 16, 2005

Hello Folks.

Well, today is the first WHOLE day of me being all fancy-schmancy and having an MFA after my name.

Haven't even thought of it once.

You know why?




It's by far, one of the MOST stressful things that a person can do... And with BOTH Fiona and myself trying to sort out our lives...

Which things get shipped to the States now? Which things are going up to Scotland? Which freight company should we use? How much is this going to cost???

Well... I've had better days.

All of my stuff from my studio has moved out. It amazing that two years of my life ended up being three boxes and some artwork in a big bubble-wrapped mess.


Wish me luck friends. I will be posting on Monday, hopefully... Baring so unforeseen circumstances. It should be one of the last posts from Canterbury.

Next place? St. Boswells. Scottish Borders.


I'm off... Lot's to do. Wish me luck.

-- T