Thursday, September 15, 2005

Okay... You asked for it!

Hello folks...

Since it was requested by certain readers of this space... I've been convinced to put my scabby tat up on the web.

Here you go:

Hey Mom, look... I have a tattoo!

Close-up "scabby" tattoo.

Okay... There you go.


I don't know how much my friends back in the States have heard about this... But...

Riots reveal deeper resentment

That's right folks... It's actually been said (by crazy media folks trying to start a panic) that the "Troubles" are close to returning to the peoples of Northern Ireland.

Instead of it being the IRA versus the No. Irish Police, this time it's the Loyalists.

Why does this have to keep happening? What things are so inured in that society that violence keeps coming to the fore?


As what an American would call an "Irish-American" by ancestry... I have always felt very close to my "ancestral roots" in Ireland. I feel sickened by what is occurring in Northern Ireland, and I hope that peace can be brought back to that troubled place.

Now... If the fucking Orange Order would just GET OVER THEMSELVES perhaps things could be better.

Sectarian violence is, by far, the most stupid type of hatred.


Okay... I'm off to pack up my studio. Results are meant to be in today at 12:00 NOON!

Wish me luck.

-- Tuckmac