Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday, not so manic as a Tuesday, not as fun...

... as a barrel of monkeys.

Och weel...

Okay, so... This whole Pat Robertson thing....

Now... I find it funny that the guy is actually STILL ON TV, and doing his 700 Club gig. I remember that show from the 70's when it was actually still on terrestrial telly. It was horrible. I mean... I know that it's been sent to "cable-hell" on the ABC Family Network, but still... I can't believe it's still on.

But... Anyhoo... Found a funny cartoon on-line commenting on this 'un.


I think that really says it all. No more need to comment.

Unfortunately... I must be off... Not a lot of time today. But... Things are really starting to come together. The art will be up on the walls by tomorrow morning... My research is being assembled, but I still haven't had time to "make it pretty" but... I still have four whole days left!


Wish me luck.

-- T