Friday, August 19, 2005

TGIF - Seriously...

Greetings readers.

My apologies for not making an entry yesterday, but something came up.

What WAS that something, you ask?

On Wednesday, flush with the feeling of accomplishment due to my course work being completed, I received an e-mail from an arts official back in Minnesota. It seems a person from my course here at KIAD had called into question several entries on my resume on the internet. This person charged me with not only over-stating my exhibitory experience, but also my teaching experience. He did it in the most, well... Shitty, way possible.

I had to spend most of the day yesterday dealing with the fallout of this experience. I have, I hope, redeemed myself by proving all of the entries on my resume, but it took some time to gather the e-mails and letters to do so.

There is nothing worse than a back-stabbing fuck! This shit-head fuck is a person that I spend every day with. We have worked together, been in exhibitions together and is someone that I know extremely well. This person was my friend.

He is no longer.

I have never been attacked like this in ANY way, shape, or form in all of my years... And to have the attack come from "within" my social circle has not only surprised and hurt me, but also has disgusted me.

Fuck off!


On to happier things. Today (Friday) I have now finished my project statement, and have given it to my course-leader. I have two prints to go, out of nine, on the large-format ink-jet printer. Once these things are done, I will be heading to Maidstone (about 40 mins away from Canterbury) to get the prints to a professional mounter, who will mount the photographs and laminate them against "icky shit" and it will be finished, hopefully, next Thursday.


As per normal, I'm going to throw up a few articles that I find interesting, and occasionally scary.

Using the BugMeNot link on the right-side column to deal with the NY Times and their silly sign-up shit:

The Paul Krugman editorial: What they did last Fall. Oh... Election tampering and scandal take 33 and a third! Not that I'm surprised...

Rocket Targets U.S. Ship. My comment on this? At least they're really shit at aiming. No, seriously... What the? Come on... Mortar attacks and rocket attacks towards the U.S. and Israel, while Israel is finally removing settlers from the Gaza Strip, and being good "world-citizens" is hardly helpful you morons! For crying out loud!

And sadly, news that a "good" politician has died. On the BBC site: Former minister Mo Mowlam dies. Mo Mowlam was the N. Ireland minister while I spent time in Ireland back in 1999, and was replaced while I was there by the moron Peter Mendelshon, current British rep to the EU. Mo Mowlam was an energetic force for peace in N. Ireland, and was replaced by a governmental crony of Blair's. It was a sad day for N. Ireland, and a sad day for all of Britain. Good luck on your journey, Mo... You were an amazing woman!

I'm off for the weekend... Take care, and smile!

-- Tucker