Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday and there's interesting...

...stuff happening everywhere.

Okay... The first two links are from the NY Times, so please feel free to use the "Bug Me Not" link on my right-hand column. To get us started... So, I have to put this up here, as it is something that just cheeses me off:

Fuel Economy Plan Seen Omitting Rule for Big S.U.V.'s

In other words... The auto-industry has proved it's money spent on the Bush campaign has come to fruition. Fuckers. No seriously... The basic facts are these: The rules towards fuel-efficiency have been in effect since the 1970's in America, and they haven't been updated since then. Huge trucks like the Hummer and others are NOT effected under these laws, and in fact, people sometimes get a tax-fucking-break to actually run one of these fuckers... And when we're suffering from oil prices being at a 30 year all time high, and issues with our dependence on foreign oil... Not to mention the environmental damage that these monster-trucks cause our planet... Bush STILL knows where HIS bread is buttered, and has not added these damn things to the law! AssHAT!

Okay... This was interesting. "The Underprivileged Press" written by our old favourite, Bob Dole.

Now the amusing thing... Is that what we don't hear from the article, is that the reporter in question that Mr. Dole is suddenly "protesting the innocence" of... Has been locked up for blocking the grand jury looking at our other old favourite, Karl Rove. Ms. Judith Miller is known in the journalistic circles as a "government monkey" that writes whatever the White House tells her to write. Now... That being said... Most of the rest of the article is actually something to consider. I wonder about two Republican's trying to pass a law protecting the press, only when there are so many issues revolving around the press right now, and Mr. Rove. I just always have a bit of a leery feeling whenever the Repubs do something... What ulterior motives do they have for this legislation. Is it actually to protect the press? Or is it to protect Karl Rove? Hmm... I will admit, however, that if the press doesn't have this sort of protection (they do in most STATE judiciaries) but at the Federal level... Then they also have the freedom to do their jobs without fear of governmental reprisals. Again... Just worried about the ulterior motives... Och weel...

Problems in the Gaza Strip? Really? Jeez... (BBC Article)

I mean, really... Are any of us surprised that the Israeli Settlers are clashing with the security forces attempting to drive them off of Palestinian soil? Come on????? Jeez.

Finally... Proof that although the United States may be fucked over when it comes to research using Stem-cells... At least in other more advanced countries (lacking a Christian Right movement in the government) research is carrying onward. Now... The article, "Scientists make nerve stem-cells" has deep resonance for me. My family is completely under the Alzheimer's yoke of fear. Both of my maternal grandparents have died from the disease, as have many of their siblings... This means, basically, that not only does my mother have something like a 115% chance of developing the disease, I have a 65% chance myself. I would really like these scientists to work quickly... Not just for me, but also so my "some-day in the future" children will actually be able to be held and cooed over by their grandmother. Silly sentiment, no?

Well... That's it for today. I'm on my LAST of the 10 print series, and I've found a great place to get them mounted... And I'm just about the best, most sexy artist on the course! Muahahahaha...

Smiles and Kittens!
-- Tuckmac