Monday, August 08, 2005

After a calming weekend...

... Back to the pain and torment that is University.

Och weel... I have a really nice photo that I'm working on for the show, and I think it's going to be REALLY gripping. I like it, Fiona likes it, and heck... I'm just great.

Moving on, as this has to be a short one, due to my rather frightening deadlines:

Watched two films last night with Fiona... She got to pick one, and I got to pick the other.

(note to folks trying to make relationships work: If the two people in the relationship have completely different tastes in movies, just make a compromise of each picking something they want. Don't try to "agree on a film" 'cause you know what, it just doesn't work.)

Anyhoo... Fiancèe's Choice?

"Team America: World Police"

Tuckmac's choice?


Yes, there is a weird sexual orientation shift - thing, going on here.

They were both okay... Obviously I enjoyed my film more than she did, and she enjoyed her's more than mine. But that should be expected. We both had a nice time in.

I suggest "Closer" as a great film. Depressing. But great. "Team America" is a farcical sort of film by the makers of "South Park" and so... You should get an idea of what it's like. It's "acted" by marionette puppets (a la "Thunderbirds") and it's quite funny what they get the puppets to do. It's sick, at times, but funny.

Okay... On to Tuckmac's interesting news of the day (use BugMeNot link on my right column).

Sad day for American News, as Peter Jennings dies of cancer. I actually LIKED this guy, and it's too bad.

The "Male Condition" and Autism. Quick (well, two pages actually, and fairly scientific) editorial in the NY Times, and it was interesting.


-- Tucker