Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday and sleep is good.

Ahhh.... Sleep... Sleep, the friend of the human race. Sleep the gift of the gods, allowing us to travel the worlds and stars outside of our own limits... Sleep...

I slept last night. I mean, REALLY slept. It was wonderful. I feel asleep around 12:00 midnight, and didn't get out of bed till 8:30am this morning. It was GLORIOUS!

Anyhoo... Had a really nice time last evening. We had a MFA/MA BBQ-party thing last night... Grilled up some fish, some chicken, and the Brits had their "Beef Burgers" (yes, that's what they call them, not HAMburgers like the Yanks. Fricking weird Brits.) but it was great... Had a few cans of beer, got the maintenance guys and some vent/filter installers to come too. So... Very interesting mix of folk. One of the vent-guys is from Glasgow, with the traditional gobble-ti-gooock Glasweigian accent... I spent half the night translating for the rest of the group. Don't get me wrong... I have problems deciphering the Glasweigian accent too... But due to Fiona's influence, I've actually become rather adept at understanding the Scots, of all sorts.

Okay... A few articles, and again... BugMeNot will help you.

Although my friend Mick tends to try for being fair and balanced, (And I give him MANY kudos for doing so) I am not usually so nice in my blog. I'm a foaming at the mouth liberal, and I am NOT sorry to say so. However...

Yesterday I put in a link to a NY Times article about the new "candidate" put forward by President Idiot for the Supreme Court. And I said how it "depressed me."

I was depressed. But then, any person put forward by Pres. Dick-head is going to depress me... Today, however, I read this Opinon/Editorial in the NY Times that actually made me think a bit... Okay, we all know that President Moron is going to pick a conservative judge for the Supreme Court. That's a big reason that most of us were fighting so hard to make sure that President Crap-ass wasn't going to get re-elected. Well... He was, and... True to form, he picked a conservative.

This is where I get "balanced," well, at least a little.

If President Asshat is going to pick a conservative, at least it would be nice if the candidate wasn't a raving conservative-fundamentalist Christian, nut-job.

Maybe he isn't. He probably IS, but just maybe... Just maybe... The guy isn't too bad.

Anyhoo... Here's another story from the NY Times about the idea that American Cities and the Muslim immigrants living IN those cities are not quite as bad as places like Leeds in England (the home of three of the four 7/7 London bombers).

I hate to say that I agree with this story. Unfortunately for my current "adopted" home... They're just not that good at assimilation here... A "Brit" isn't going to mix with a Muslim immigrant on a normal basis. Don't get me wrong, their not racist at all, and there's thousands of immigrants WELCOMED into Britain every year... It's just that there's a fundamental difference in the backgrounds of our two countries. America was founded and formed and created to BE a melting-pot of different peoples, and beliefs. Britain was an Empire, who's main raison d'erte was to "Make the world Britain."


Good Bye Scotty.

-- T