Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sorry about the miss yesterday

.... But yesterday was the "Invitation Nightmare" day. BUT.... They've all been sent out. There's a few folks in the States that I still have to get addresses from... So... It's not COMPLETELY done, but the making and folding, and stuffiing, and addressing has been completed for 98% of the damn things.

Okay... Now to the fun bits.

To continue my interest in the G8 summit happening in Scotland... I show you this:

G8 Protest decision reversed (BBC)
This is a quick - "This is current news" and also a bit of "background for the silly people who don't have a clue"

This NEXT link is my marvellous president being a twat.
Bush says no to Kyoto-style deal.

I mean really... Bush is SO against anything having to do with Climate Change that it's almost becoming funny. It IS NOT funny... But the way that guy talks.... Well he did actually say this (from the BBC article):
But he conceded that the issue was one "we've got to deal with" and said human activity was "to some extent" to blame.

"To some extent?" Dick.

Anyhoo... Finally a happy thing to see.... His Holiness the Dalai Lama turns 70 years old. Well... In THIS incarnation, anyway. ;-)

I love him... I'm actually being serious... The guy's office is much like that of the Pope... A Spiritual and Political figure for Tibet and Buddhism in general. He says amazing things... Reaches out to others with the message of peace... And is just an all around great religious figure. If only the current Catholic POPE was like that. Oh no... Ex-Hitler Youth and former head of the "Inquisition" of today's world... No... Not very "Reach out-able" our new Pope. Gah.

Other than all of that... One last link to my favourite "City Pages" Article:
Brit Robinson writes a good little article that actually gives me hope. I realise that I'm not currently living in Minnesota, but watching the shit-strewn political battles from "across the pond" I've been getting more and more depressed.

Look... I know that Governmental shut-down is a pain in the ass... But the facts that the Dems are FINALLY fighting instead of always capitulating... Well... I am actually getting a "warm fuzzy."

I'm off... Have a great one!
-- T