Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wow... Tuesday already? Geez.

Hello friends and readers... I'm back after the weekend, and in a very great mood.

I've moved into my Fiancée's house, and it's been marvellous to sleep on a proper bed, rather than on a mattress on the floor! The move was a bit tiring, as we had to move my furniture very quickly, but I want to thank my friend Norman for supplying his company-lorry, and his driving skills.

Fiona and myself are still coping with the move... You see, it's the normal thing (at least, that's what I hear, as it's the first time I've moved IN with a significant-other) that when one partner moves into the home of another partner, there's a bit of "re-adjustment" necessary on the part of BOTH people, but especially for the person who was already LIVING there. I've turned over Fiona's world... Together we're trying to come to an accommodation of each other's life-styles, and turning a rather busy "girl's room" into a "bedroom for two" is an interesting process.

We're not FIGHTING, so don't worry... It's more of a "god dammit, well, okay, I guess that makes sense" sort of thing.

Interesting though.

Okay... To follow true to form I have a little rant to bring up.

I'm coming on to this story late (as I've discovered from reading this article) but I have a couple of things to say about it.

New York Times article Use the first "Site of Interest" link on the left (BugMeNot) for the password to avoid NYT's little annoying "membership" thing.

Anyhoo... It's telling of a young teenager Zach, who has "Come Out" to his parents, who seem to be of a fundamentalist branch of Christianity. Although he's been "Out" on his Blog, and to his friends for over a year, Zach made the decision to come out to his parents, and has since been sent to "revulsion therapy" through a "Christian" organisation to "heal his gay-ness."

Oh, for FUCK'S SAKE!

I'll say it again, folks...

God/Allah/Yahweh/Shiva/Grishna/Artemis/or the Stone Idol, what-have-you...


Do you think that with ALL the crap that goes on in this world, that the gods/God CARE about something as silly as that? Do you REALLY?

I mean, I guess what really yanks my chain, is that so many of these so-called "religious" people tend to break EVERY little law in the book (Bible/Torah/Koran/etc.) by killing their next-door neighbours over religious dispute, but... Oh, no...

Look out... That guy likes MEN, KILL HIM, Torture him till he says he's wrong... Geld him, so he can't breed his sin!


I've never understood, nor will I why some religious people, who may USUALLY be sane, get SO up in arms about homosexuality. Again, folks... It's found in nature. link So the whole "unnatural" argument is just shit, okay? It's just a load of bollocks.

If you are gay, and a Christian, then GOD MADE YOU GAY. God is perfect right? God made you, right? God loves you, right?

So you are gay.

God hates you.


This just doesn't make logical sense. Of course, it's probably MY fault here by confusing religion and logic.

-- T