Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tuesday - Moving issues, etc...

Well... I started packing for my move to my fiancée's house, and Jesus-Cluny-Frog... What a pain in the bum! I mean, seriously... I didn't even BEGIN to start packing clothes or equipment. Oh no... Just went through my three desk drawers and the bottom of the wardrobe, and MAN did I have a lot of paper-work and shite to try to get through. But the good news is that I WAS able to get through it all, and strangely the what was before 2 cubic-metres of shite is now completely contained within one small box. The bin-liner full of crap is full, though. Gah.

Okay... On to some important stuff. I received an e-mail yesterday from my friend in Oz, talking about this new movement called "Mobile ICE" or In Case of Emergency. It's the brain-child of a paramedic named Bob Brotchie and he started the idea in May. Obviously since the London bombing on 7/7, it's taken on a new importance. BBC Article. The basic idea is that paramedics and other service personnel, try to get a hold of family/friends/next of kin, if a person is wounded and unable to assist them. Since SO MANY people always have their mobile-phones on or about their person, if there's an entry in the phone's phonebook "ICE" then the service personnel would be able to call someone immediately, without having to start at the beginning of the phonebook.

So... Everyone that has a mobile (or cell phone for my fellow Yanks) please put an "ICE" entry in your phonebook. (Mine's to my Mother). It's a sad and frightening thing that we NEED to do this, but it could save your life.

Back to happier things... I am moving most of my gear tomorrow, my friend Emily is helping me, and the BIG stuff, bed, desk etc... Will be moved on Monday the 18th by my friend Norman. Thanks to BOTH of you folks! You're saving my life, and getting me out of the shit-hole in which I currently live.

Wish me luck!

-- T