Monday, July 11, 2005

Life continues to "move on"


After last week, with the bombing in London, and all sorts of crap going on... Life in Canterbury has mainly returned to normalcy. Well... As normal as Canterbury every truly is.

On Saturday, KIAD held it's 2005 graduation ceremony at King's School, and a "Tea" at KIAD after the ceremony.

Fiona (obviously) graduated, and at the "Celebration Tea" she received an award for "Best Dissertation."

She's a star.

Here's a few photos:

Me and Fiona at the Bell and Crown before the ceremony (thanks for making the photo Dorsey!)

Fiona and her mother Sarah on their way to the ceremony.

Professor Vaughan Grylls reading the "welcome" to the graduates and their families.

Us waiting outside the King's School Gate before attending the ceremony. Thanks to Rob for the photo from his window!

Fiona and I had a nice time with her mother being in town. Had a quiet Sunday... And here I am back at KIAD working in my studio. Gah.

I'm moving into Fi's on Wednesday, and I can't stinking wait!

See you all tomorrow!