Friday, July 08, 2005

Prayers to Londoners and to all of us.

Yesterday during the rush-hour in central London, terrorists attacked the transportation system and the commuters who ride upon it.

Many of my fellow residents of Britain reacted with understandable shock, anger, fear and, to be honest, RAGE at the news. My fiancée and I spent quite a bit of the day trying to reach friends and relatives that live and work in London, and thank the gods, all of our friends and relations seem to have escaped from this outrage in peace.

I remember where I was during the American 9/11. I was working in the high school darkroom with several of my students when I heard a student from the classroom yell, "Mr. Mac... Mr. Mac... They're attacking us!"

I admit I didn't believe the kid at first... I mean, WHO in their right OR wrong minds would "attack" us? We're the US of A, home of Mom's apple pie, and baseball, and hotdogs, Fourth of July weekends, and good times? What the? Who in the world is "They?" " They're attacking us..."

It turns out it was Al Qaeda, a blanket organisation started by Osama bin Laden built to attack the West, and capitalism... Created to attack Mom's Apple Pie, and Baseball, and hotdogs... Created because these extremists are afraid... They're afraid of losing their culture, of it being surpassed and supplanted by Mom's Apple Pie. What they fear, they attack. What they don't understand, they attack. What they hate, they attack.

To these people... The West is still here. You can bomb us, you can blow up our buildings, crash our transportation systems, try your damnedist, but we will still BE here.

We will still have our Mom's Apple Pie. And not only that... We're going to fucking SHIP Mom's Apple Pie to your country till you FUCKING choke on it.