Thursday, July 14, 2005


Wait... Wait... Before any of my Yank friends get excited... I'm of course talking about the move to my Fiancée's house. I spent all day yesterday packing up the remaining crap I own, and cleaning the room... (And disassembling my bed and desk for the Monday 18th move of the BIG SHIT FURNITURE ETC...) My friend Emily came with her Nissan Micra, and we made two trips across town with her car. Fiona and Emily BOTH helped me, and thanks so MUCH to them both!

It was truly amazing to "Go home" last night to be with FIONA, instead of "going home" to the shit-hole I've been living in for the past year and a bit. So...

Yay for TUCKER!

On to more sombre stuff... If you're reading this in the next 15 mins or so... There's an observance of silence for the victims of the London Bombing from 7/7. It's at 12:00 noon BST (British Summer Time) which to my Minnesotan friends would mean you'd have to read this at 5:50 in the morning today, and "observe" at 6:00am YOUR time.... But whatever... I'm just about to go get some coffee, and then stand outside with the rest of the school and the staff here.

C'est la guerre

And I'm tired of the war... I really am.

-- T