Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm back!

Greetings lovely readers, I Tuckmac have returned to tickle your brain with news and doings of the world and well... Me.

I was in Scotland last week with my fiancée doing "Wedding Stuff" and well, I'm bushed. It was a long trip up and back, and while we were there we basically were up at 7:30 in the morning, and weren't getting to sleep until 2:00 in the morning of the next day.


But... That being said, all is good. We've nailed down just about every detail, and so now it's basically... Show up and do it.


Met more of the family... Walked around Edinburgh which is both Fiona's and my favourite city on Earth... Spent some time catching up with old "high-school" and "foundation-year" friends for Fiona's... And did some dog-walking for the future in-laws.

Yeah. Fun.

Anyhoo... Quickly today, as I'm a bit stressed for time at the mo'...

The IRA is disarming. (article)

That's actually a funny word-play that I wasn't counting on... Anyhoo... Although it's been lost in the news over in Britain for a large part of the time, due to the terrorist bombings and attempted bombings in London... I think that it's a fairly amazing step for the IRA to order it's members to "dump their arms" and to pursue their agenda through political means, rather than terrorism.

I'm proud of the IRA for doing this. As an "Irish-American" and someone who's family was if not giving money to the IRA, was at least a "little" bit of a provo-supporting family... I have to say that I'm glad that the IRA is finally coming to it's senses, and is abandoning it's armed-conflict with Britain. Obviously there's a way to go.

There are questions of the criminality side of the IRA... If they're not going to be "fighting the Brits" anymore, does that also mean that they'll stop with the money-laundering and drug-running? What are the militant Royalist groups going to do now? Are they also going to give up their armed conflict with the IRA? What's up with it? Is the Northern Irish Government going to be "re-formed" with Sinn Fein allowed to be a part of the coalition government? Will Dr. Ian Paisley EVER give in, and allow the Catholic party to be a part of a shared government?

Many, many questions. But... Hope.

Slànte, and I mean it today!

-- Tuckmac