Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday, and not quite TGIF


As you all probably know, London was on alert yesterday (and continues to be so) due to the repeat of a July 7th sort of incident in London yesterday around 12:30 pm (BST), lunch time in London.

The BBC is following up with a few stories:

"London Attackers Meant to Kill" This article has the great words: (London Mayor) Ken Livingstone said he was not surprised London had been attacked again.
"Those people whose memories stretch back to the 70s, 80s and 90s will remember there were horrifying bombing campaigns in London," he said. "We got through that and we'll get through this."

However... In a society where the police normally do NOT actually carry guns, obvious signs of a strain have occurred:
Man Shot Dead by Police on Tube Is an interesting story that perhaps illustrates the tension that London and it's police force are under at the moment.

And finally the U.S. reacts to the news of the second London bombing scare in typical American Over-reacting form:
"NY Commuters face random searches" 'Cause, like... Random searches are REALLY going to stop a bomber from making it through the NY turnstiles and blowing up a subway carriage if they want to. Right.

Look... All of us are understandably upset. But, you know... I've gotten to the point of numbness now. Fiona and I are heading to London on Sunday to catch a train to Scotland. We're going to be going through one of the "first" bombing locations to London King's Cross station. Am I going to change my plans? No. Am I a bit nervous? No. NO YOU SAY??? No. I'm NOT nervous. Look... I've come up with a theory, and I'm going to throw it up here, and you know what? It might make some folks angry, or something, but you know what? This is MY blog, and I can say what I want. I WILL however, try to explain my reasoning, and hopefully people will understand that it's JUST a theory, and that I don't mean to be hateful, hurtful, or to deliberately bother anyone.

Okay... That being said:

These Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists, do NOT have a chance. Not at all. They're just going to keep doing shit like this until they've finally killed off their entire organisation, and we "Westerners" don't really need to do much except "keep on keeping on."

Here's my reasoning, and I'm going to use the asshole PREVIOUS bombers of London to explain this.

First, the Blitz. The Germans unleashed a dreadful bombing campaign against Britain and London in particular took HUGE damages. The German army was a "normal" army... It's planners were FAR to the East of Britain, and only German soldiers and pilots, and English civilians died. These men were organised, had "war plans" and "goals" and you know what? Nothing.
Winston Churchill in his famous "Battle of Britain" speech said it very well:

"We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender...

Second, the IRA. Separatist Rebels from Ireland ran a bombing campaign upon England (London in particular) that went on and off for almost 30 years. The bombers would plant bombs in things like trash-bins and leave bags around crowded places. Many people were killed or injured by the IRA, and you know what? Britain is STILL in Northern Ireland. They don't really WANT to be there, but they are still there because the majority of No. Ireland is still Protestant and Royalist. Fine. But whatever, the Brits didn't give IN to the IRA bombings, and the only thing that changed, is that it's darn hard to throw away trash since the Londoner's have taken away most of the trash-bins from busy areas.

And now, we reach the fricking fundamentalist-Islamic terrorists.

They're even MORE of a mess than the previous two attackers... You know why? Because all their most fervent people tend to blow themselves UP with their bombs instead of planting them, and living to "bomb another day." Why? 'Cause they're stupid, basically. They hold on to the rather ridiculous belief that there's all Milk/Honey and Stacks of Virgins waiting for them in "paradise." (When we all know that Allah isn't going to give them anything except PAIN for the rest of existence.) The IRA folks? Planted a bomb, and went ON to attack again. The Germans... Well, heck, many more soldiers to go, and honestly, there WAS a reason they surrendered, it's 'cause they KNEW they lost the war. The reason the bombs DID NOT go off yesterday is 'cause the evil, though "smart" guys blew themselves up TWO WEEKS AGO, and only the truly MORONIC fuck-heads left, couldn't do the fucking job!

The terrorists of today are too STUPID to know that they've LOST. They can NOT win this war. Their own people drink Coke, and go to McDonalds, and listen to Western-style music... They've lost.

There's no way a people can withstand progress of the sort that the West has been offering them. I'm sorry... I don't WANT people to "lose their culture" but there are ways to hold ON to the important parts of your culture, and STILL embrace the movement of globalism that is sweeping the earth at the moment.

We are still here. We will not change. Piss off! And let us go about our lives.