Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday and KIAD meetings.

Greetings folks. It's been an interesting day so far. We had our normal "Wednesday MA/MFA meeting" and boy was that exciting.


Anyhoo... I have a meeting today at 2:30pm to discuss my space requirements, and I'm just tickled pink about it.


Anyhoo... Quickly now.

There's been a pretty big backlash in Britain towards the Islamic religion lately. As I spoke about in a previous entry, Britain just doesn't seem to be able to do the whole "melting-pot" thing very well. Well... Here's a prime example of the "marvellous" Brit's "conservatives" trying to muck up the waters. "Davis attacks UK multiculturalism" Mr. Davis is the shadow Home Secretary for Britain. (shadow means that he's the conservative counterpart to the actual Home Secretary who is of the Labour party.) I think the guy's a dick. But moving onward...

It's also getting a bit messy in London in the wake of the terrorist bombings - "Hate crimes soar after bombings" Racial profiling is never a good idea. Some of the police force, however, say it's a bit silly to search a 70 year-old grandmother, whilst allowing an 18 year-old "Asian" male walk by with a huge black rucksack.

Hmm... A bit of a sticky wicket, no?

I don't really know what to say about stuff like that. In ONE way, I sort of agree with the police... But then, you also have to wonder about human-rights issues, and as an American I just think of the "Driving while Black" problem that we have in the States with the police pulling over Black men in nice cars for no reason at all. So... Hmm again.

I don't know what to say about any of this. It's a bit tense, but then you have to expect it to BE a bit tense. I'm personally really happy that I live in Canterbury, as opposed to London.

I'm off to actually WORK today, so... Slànte!