Thursday, August 11, 2005

Okay... A bit of levity today.

My friend Rob sent me two e-mails today... And I just HAVE to stick them up here. First is this picture:

Okay... The next little tidbit is this link to a great advert. But first, an explanation for my Yank-readers...

Channel 4 is a terrestrial channel over in the UK that runs a lot of U.S. T.V. programmes, as well as other stuff. My fiancée would complain that Channel 4 USED to be all about education, and was trying to find a good niche for itself in the British market that is pretty much controlled by the BBC. However, now it's the channel of "Big Brother" and "ER" and "The OC" etc.. etc... However...

Channel 4 has had this ad scheme that asks a whole lot of famous actors (both UK and US ones) questions, and the advert itself is "just the answer" not the question... So you have 20 people answering a question that WE the viewers don't actually know.

Now... That I've set THAT bit up... This linked clip is NOT for watching at work or in front of children... The language my upset some people, and if you don't want to hear famous people saying "f**k" or "c**t" or "s**t" then don't click this link.

I'm not that fussed, as I swear all the time, but I know some may be offended... Final warning...



I hope you'll all forgive me. One final link: Tucker's Web Portfolio has new photos on it. Man that guy is good!

Smiles and kittens!