Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Do you ever...

Wonder about the world?

Well, I do. Looking up at the stars at night, comtemplating infinity...

Blah, blah...

No, I'm just kidding... I am SO not going there. Not when there's all sorts of really cool stuff that doesn't involve philosophy.

First, a really good Op/Ed from the NY Times, Maureen Dowd is a great writer who's sort of known for her razor-sharp wit, and how she tends to use it against Pres. Bush... Tee hee. Why No Tea and Sympathy? (obviously feel free to use the BugMeNot link from my right column)

A quick little portal to the BBC's current research and writing about the "New Digital Lifestyle." It's interesting to BE one of these people that the Beeb's trying to explain to other less technophile sorts of folk, but... Whatever. Citzens Do Media for Themselves.

Finally... A great advert that was brought to my attention from my friend Meshtey: A really big ad I honestly almost cried laughing so hard after seeing this advert. Why, WHY don't Yanks do commercials this well? Why? Gah... Brilliant.

I'm off... Smiles and cookies!