Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Finally Done with the Bloody Computer

Greetings Readers...

The title says it all today... I'm finally done burning CD's full of crud. Not all of it was crud, actually... But there was a lot of dross that I've been able to clear off my computer. I was down to 27MB left of hard-drive space once my project was finished! 27 MEGS! Now... I have 10.2 GB available on my hard-drive. This is allowing, of course, for all of my coursework to still be on the computer, as I need to use it for my research/folder thinggy for my course. But... It's looking better.

I'm planning on purchasing an external Firewire hard-drive once I've returned to Minnesota. (No offence, Brit friends, but technology just costs more over here! But... I have room now. I'm happy.

Oh... Listening to my iTunes, and Loudon Wainwright III's "Swimming Song" has just come on. Good tune.

Anyhoo... Sorry... Yeah, so...

Amusing story from the BBC: Student held over on-line mugging.

Okay... So, this student is being held for setting up a "bot" and going into on-line games, beating up other "virtual players" of said game, stealing "virtual stuff" and then selling it on-line.

Damn is he smart! I mean, okay, he's a larcenous bastard, but you have to give the kid props for imagination and ingenuity. Don't you? Well... Anyhoo...

Due to the conversation happening over a previous entry of my blog, I thought I'd throw this little article up here, again, from the BBC:
The struggle over science
By Harold Evans
In his weekly opinion column, Harold Evans considers rising concern in the US over the Bush administration's hostility to science.

It really is freaking amazing that the U.S. is falling so far behind where we used to be in the science and engineering fields, with not so much as a whimper from our government. What the?

Och weel...

Oh, and just 'cause it's been a while since I gave a shout out for my friend Mick, and his Serial Novel happening on his web-site... I thought I'd throw a little GO HERE AND READ thing here. He tends to update whenever he actually doesn't have time to do so but he gets it there. You could read the current chapter of Drifter... But I'd suggest, if you haven't actually read it before, to just start at the beginning like it was a book. 'Cause, well... It is. I love this story, and I've been an avid fan since Mick put a "one off" up on his web-site as a short-story... And I've been enjoying the "monster" that I have a bit of hand in forcing him to create! Muahahahaha... No, but seriously, it's a good read.

Okay... I'm off... I'm going to start messing with MY website, hopefully able to have an update on Thursday or Friday.

Slànte - Tuckmac