Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oops... Sorry.


Been a while. This time, it's actually NOT my fault. The internet connection at my in-law's house decided not to work for the last few days.

It's a bitch.

Anyhoo... I'm back, at least for now. Don't know if it's going to cut out again soon or not. Damn it.

Anyhoo... Wow... I keep saying that. Sorry.

Anyhoo (okay... That was deliberately being weird.)

I don't really have a tonne of stuff to say today. Which is sad, considering I've had a few days off to store up stuff.

The wedding.

It's the all consuming raison d'erte at the moment. Fiona and I have been running ourselves ragged doing all sorts of stuff... T-shirts for the stag/hen party. Guest-favours, pressies for the kids... Presents for the bridal party... Etc... Also, trying to get all the food together for the reception. (Our families are doing the catering... It's really hard to get a caterer up here in the middle of bloody nowhere.)

Things are coming together, and although this week ahead is going to be insane... It's also going to cumulate in the most perfect and amazing day of my adult life.

I'm excited.

I think Fiona is too.

Many of our friends are coming, and I can't wait!

That's it for today.

Love ya all!