Friday, November 04, 2005

I like Fridays, I really, really do... Seriously, a lot...


Yeah. I'm heading out to River Falls tonight to meet up with a few friends at the old hang-out "Emma's Bar" on Main-street River Falls. Then I'm being treated to a wonderful meal at Dave's house after! I'm excited about that. It used to be a biweekly sort of thing, that we'd get together on a Friday and kvetch about our respective teaching gigs... Dave as a art professor, and myself as an art teacher at a secondary school. We wouldn't just bitch, though... Both of us like teaching, and usually could find something positive to talk about... Anyhoo...

I'm looking forward to the evening.

Mick talked about dancing a jig, over the latest polls showing our marvellous president Bushy plummeting in national opinions. Yeah... Mick, I think you're just an awful person to be happy about that! Shame.

Tee hee.

Bush is currently facing a bit of hatred down in Argentina... But then, he's used to it, isn't he? I just think it's kinda great that although the world has pretty much always hated the guy... Finally he is not even getting respite back here in the States! Take that, you.... You... You... Ger.

I read an interesting article about what would have happened if Guy Fawkes had succeeded in blowing up the Parliament with the King in attendance. It seems as though it were actually a GOOD thing that the guy was stopped. However... I still think that burning an effigy of a Catholic every November in Britain, and it's associated colonies, to be a bit gauche.

Anyhoo... That's it for today kiddies... I hope you're all doing well. I'm going to have a ball tonight... Muahahahaha.

Pook... If you read this... I can't wait until you get to join me in a "Friday in RF" really soon! I love you!

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