Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is the third time the charm?

Folks, I've been trying to update this damn thing for days now... And my connection AND Safari keep crashing mid-way through. So... If you're reading this, it finally worked. If you're not, I'm picking up my laptop and tossing it out the window.

Anyhoo... First... There's a budget battle happening in the Senate and the House (congress to my Brit friends). The Senate passed their bill. Now the House is attempting to pass their's. The Senate bill cut funding to important programmes in the States, and also snuck in a little bit that allows oil-drilling in the ANWAR Alaskan Wildlife Refuge. (Something that has been blocked for years against the hunger of the Bushies.)

Now... I'm not happy that the Senate bill passed. It's not law yet, but it probably will be.

The HOUSE bill, however evicerates most social programmes in the States... Foodstamps, housing, child-care, college-funding for poor students... AND, AND, has a $70 billion tax cut for the wealthy. They're cutting $50 billion in funding for the poor, and also cutting $70 bill in taxes for the rich. Now folks... Basic arithmetic. If you're trying to pass a balanced budget... And you're deeply in debt. You cut money. Okay... So there goes the $50 bill... But then, if you also cut your INTAKE by MORE than you're saving... YOU ARE LOSING $20 BILL MORE!

It's like the Republicans can not do simple MATHEMATICS!

Sorry about all the "shouting" with capital letters, but I'm really cheesed off about this.

For a more balanced and fair view of this bill, here's a Op-Ed piece from this past weekend:
A Budget Outrage from the House.


Okay... That's my rant for the day.

Something fun? Sure, why not. I took the "Which movie villain are you test" Muahahahaha!

There you go... Crazy, crazy...

If you'd like... Take the test yourself!

I'm going to work.