Thursday, November 17, 2005

Okay, it has to be a "bit" fast today.

As I'm heading out to pick up the printed photos from my wedding. That's right... My wonderful Mother, bemoaning the fact that all the photos are "digital" and that she hates having to look at them on a computer, has paid for me to get two sets of 169photos printed at Ritz Camera. I'm all for it. I like having things to hold onto as well... And this way, My Lady and I can do the "typical wedding album" thing. Cute no? And you all thought I was completely caught up in the "digital photo" world!

Well, okay. I am. But...


I was reading "Blair confronts threat of new revolt" on Yahoo News, and there was this link... Okay, I'm REALLY proving myself to be a dork here, but I clicked on it...

First... The Blair thing. Okay, the British Gov. is going mad about the fact that it only takes 40 Labour MP's to switch over to the opposition, to blank out Blair. Well, folks... We knew this was coming. After the last elections, Blair's majority in Parliament took a NOSE-dive. So... It's not all that amazing. I have to admit, I find it funny that the Tories are convincing the rebel Labour MP's to think about voting AGAINST Blair's Education Reforms, 'cause they're "too Tory" I mean, what? Then why aren't the fucking TORIES supporting the reform? Man... And we thought that American politics were murky! But seriously... The idea that the reforms would lead to an elitism in schools is a valid worry. I don't know... I think Blair should definitely take a step back, and start trying to remember what it is to be a LABOUR Prime Minister. Come on Tone... Get it together man!

A few days ago... There was a "Melee" at a mall in the Twin Cities. What "sparked" this tussle? A boy band. That's right folks, a boy band with members ranging from pre-teen to mid-teen. Called B5, I think, or something... Notice I'm not linking to it... That's right folks... I'm not going to link to a fucking boy-band... Y'all can look them up on Google, if you want. Anyhoo.... The melee started because the boys got up on stage, and hundreds of young girls stormed the stage, and began ripping their clothes off! I kid you fucking not. Now... I was thinking, "Shit, I can't believe that they're down-playing the fact that these kids (and they are, I don't care if they're in a band) these freaking KIDS get sexually assaulted... And nothing is really being said about it. Well... Bless this particular reader... As they wrote a letter to the editorial pages that sums up the problem pretty well: "Nothing funny about the melee at the mall".

Okay... Finally... About this rather embarrassing link that I clicked on whilst reading Yahoo News... Um... They had this "Miss World" link. And I couldn't help it. So... I clicked, and perused the entries from the British Isles. The Scottish Bird, looks so freaking Scottish that it hurts. I mean, her name is really cool, and Celtic, and all, but... Sorry... Not sure she's actually going to get anywhere. She's too Scottish looking. And before people go... "Oh HO, wait till your Wife reads this." I can say with NO problem that my wife is absolutely exquisite, and that she's not freaking SCOTTISH! She was brought up there, but she's English. Okay? Anyhoo... The Bird from England is definitely hot. But I think that's 'cause she was actually born in Uzbekistan... For some reason, the Brits don't like the looks of their own... I suggest they look at My Lady, as she's the best looking Brit I've ever seen. Well... Since Princess Di, anyhoo.

Okay... It wasn't that much of a "fast one" today, was it... Damn... I hate it when I get on a blog roll. Okay... I'm off. Ta!