Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Greetings to yet another day from Minnesota!

First... Thanks for all the "good vibes" for my interview yesterday. As of 9:25am today, I still don't know the results.


But, it seemed to go okay. And she asked if I would be able to start today... But... Here's the rub. She was meant to call me this morning... And they have a "anti-tattoo" thing, so I have to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath the "company t-shirt" to "hide" my sin from their very fragile customers... Or something.... But I'm not about to go buy a whole passle of the damn things, if I'm not hired! I personally think that the long-sleeved t-shirt is one of the bigger fashion faux-pas' EVER. So... We'll see won't we.

That being said...

I was complaining on Sunday about the complete lacunae of any good news about which to rant... Well, thankfully, there's finally something to complain about. Yay!

• St. Paul Urban dwellers lighted, not delighted. Okay, this story is just funny. There's a whole passle of yuppies that live in Downtown St. Paul, and they're upset that the buildings and the signs on the buildings are lit up all night... It keeps them awake, or something. One of the companies, Bremer Bank, has offered to buy people black-out shades for their windows, and only two complainants have taken up the offer. Folks... If it's too light outside your window, buy a shade, or, if one is GIVEN to you, take it. Do not think you're so special, your urban-castle is such an example of a tax base, or that you deserve something that makes no sense! If you live in an urban setting, it's going to be bright outside all night long. It just will. You're the same sort of people who complain that "it's not safe" outside at night, begging for better street-lighting, to keep the "riff-raff" away... but...

See. Makes no sense.

Look... Move out to the country, and you'll see plenty of dark. I know... I lived with My Lady's family in the middle of fucking nowhere in Scotland. That's fucking dark okay? Damn.

• Here's another thing that got my goat this morning... In an editorial from the Star Tribune they complained about class-sizes. They only briefly mentioned that taxpayers have raised referendums to pay for smaller class sizes, and that for some reason, all that money is being "lost" somehow. 'Cause you know... We have. I remember voting in three fricking elections to raise taxes to lower class sizes. Over six years in Bloomington, we've had these bloody referendums, and I remember that the first two passed, but the third one didn't. You know why? 'Cause voters are only SO fricking stupid, that's why. What happened to the first two referendums? The high-schools and grade-schools in Bloomington built gymnasiums and sports-facilities. Not classrooms... Not more teachers... Gyms. I kid you not! Smaller class sizes are an obvious way to improve student learning. More personal attention, better classroom management by the teachers, better one-on-one with students that need extra help. Etc... It's just bloody obvious. But the problem is... We've given them money "for smaller class sizes" and they've spent it elsewhere! Fuck off! You made your bed, city-schools, now lie in it.

• Ah yes... Reason five thousand four hundred and thirty three, for me not to be Catholic anymore: Vatican says gays may not join priesthood. Now this upsets me, not 'cause I'm gay. But because the church is so fricking stupid. There's a shortage of priests, okay? Really "Catholic" gays actually DO believe that being gay is a sin. So, in the past 40 or so years, gay men have joined the priesthood to be celibate, and to "not sin." Some of the best priests I've had throughout my life were quite obviously homosexual. But they were celibate, just like a priest is supposed to be. It was a win-win for the church. Gay people, in order to NOT sin, joined the priesthood, furthered the church, and "saved their immortal souls." But the church says that gays are no longer allowed to be ordained. The sad thing about this... Is that most of this "no more gay" thing is the churches answer to all the child-molestation by priests... And the church is making one major mistake here...

Homosexuals are not child-molesters.

Child-molesters are child-molesters.

I'm straight, okay... I like women. I am attracted to women. NOT GIRLS... Women.

A gay guy is attracted to MEN. Not boys... MEN.

This is just so fucking ridiculous. Gah. Well... Good luck Nazi-pope. Your shortage of priests is going to JUMP in the next 10 years, and you've brought it all onto yourself. Jesus wept. And continues to do so.

• Finally... Pubs prepare for new drinking laws. Alleluia. Welcome, Britain, to the rest of the world. To the people that say that "Binge-drinking" is going to get worse because of extended hours... You're probably right. Sorry... But you are. For some weird reason, Brits are just all about drinking. I personally blame it on the weather. I mean... I was drinking like a fish whilst living in England and Scotland. Now that I'm home... I'm actually quite sober, pretty much every day. (Except for that one time last week... But I digress) Yep... It's your weather. Look at it this way perhaps with global-warming 'caused mainly by my president and his policies... Britain will get warmer and less rainy, and people won't have to feel as though they have to drink themselves into insensibility every night.

Probably not though.

Cheers everyone... Smiles and kittens!
-- Tuckmac

News Flash
I was hired today at 13:45... I work from 6-9pm tonight. Thanks for the happy thoughts. - T