Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another great Sunday Morning...

I've just finished reading the Sunday newspaper.

I read the entire thing... Even the business section (and I actually HATE reading it, but what the hell) and you know what...

There's nothing really to rant about. More stuff about Bush and lying to all of us about the Iraq war. More about taxes being unfair to the middle and lower-classes... More about CIA leaks, and dodging by our administration. In the Arts section, lots of stuff about modern literature, that I have never found interesting enough to even complain about... More... Boredom.


I hate it when there's nothing NEW to complain about. I mean... I've ranted about all that other stuff quite a few times (well, except about modern literature, which is just snooze-worthy anyhoo), and I don't want my readers to grow as bored of my rants, as I am by the news.


Okay... Um... I guess with the personal news.

• I'm getting more and more excited to finally be reunited with My Lady, as the date of Dec. 5th approaches... Yay!

• Still not finding "a real job" but I have been called for an interview by Sam Goody in the Mall of America for an interview for a "do SOMETHING" sort of job.

• Been looking at the weather in Melrose, Scotland (closest internet weather I could find to My Lady) and in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and they're remarkably similar. I'm soo sorry Pook! What a deal.

• Did the "window-insulation" kits yesterday, stretching plastic stuff over the windows to reduce air-flow from outside. Oh... Boy... Exciting, no?

Yep... That's my life.

Gods, please start making some news, preferably something nice and messy with The Idiot involved in yet another scandal.

Thank you.

-- Ta readers - Tuckmac