Tuesday, December 06, 2005

She's Here!

That's right, My Lady has finally arrived in the US.

She had problems at immigration... In fact, the guy's threatening to kick her out of the country, and ban her from re-entering. We're not sure whether or not he has the power or even the ability to do this... But we're a bit freaked out. That being said... I personally think that the guy was trying to "scare" us into making a mistake, but as we weren't doing anything wrong, there wasn't much he could do... I don't know... It's a pain in the ass!

Anyhoo... She's here... We had a nice dinner last night at the house, stayed up way too late drinking beer and talking. Fiona's upstairs at the moment getting ready for the day... We're going to go have lunch, and then make our way downtown. I can't wait to check into the room, and have a really nice time in the Cities. There's so much to show her, and I'm just getting excited.

I'm writing this blog from her computer, right now... Her parents bought her a little 12" G4 Powerbook. It's adorable. So cute, and tiny, just like My Lady!

Well... Tonnes to do, and very little time to do it. But I wanted to thank everyone that's been pulling for us, and thank you also for your continued support.

I'm off... More tomorrow, I think... The hotel is "wired" so we'll both be bringing our laptops down with us. Yeah.... Yeah... We're both THAT dorky.

Smiles and Kittens!

-- T