Saturday, December 03, 2005


Like my friend Mick, I've been thinking about hibernation today. Pretty much, just 'cause I had a really long shift at the "Evil Employer's" yesterday, and I have an even LONGER shift today... And tomorrow... Well, a shorter shift than today, but probably longer than yesterday's...

Confused? Me too.


My Lady is here in just a few more days, and I'm getting really excited to see her. She arrives Monday afternoon... And on Tuesday and Wednesday night, we'll be staying downtown Minneapolis at the Embassy Suites Hotel. I'll be doing the "Show Fiona Minneapolis" thing, and if anyone from the Cities has an idea of a "do not miss" thing, please reply to this post, and give me some ideas! I'm already thinking of doing the Walker, McCormicks and Schmicks for a dinner, Brit's Pub for a meal and a pint... Etc... But if anyone knows something that I simply MUST BRING FIONA TO, then let me know. I may not put the same level of importance on your ideas, as I do on my own, but... I'll listen. And I'll ask Fiona what she'd like to do too!

Well... I'd love to keep yakking... But I must start getting ready for work.


Slightly sad smiles,