Friday, December 23, 2005



So yesterday, I used a whole bunch of swear-words, and was really pissy... And I got nothing!

Not one, "OH, Dude, that sucks." or a "Yeah, that happened to me once." or... "It'll all work out in the end."


Obviously I'm not feeling the love.


Anyhoo... We're doing okay. Got a soon to be new domain name for Fi and myself. We're going to do a web-site for BOTH of us... Got a new provider (supposedly, still haven't heard back from the place) to host the domain... And also signed up for RoadRunner Cable Broadband for the house. Almost up to normal speed again.

More lawyer stuff is in the works... But that's boring, and I'm not really meant to talk about it, especially on a "subversive" blog like this one. So... Yeah.

Still doing the "job-searching" thing. Not fun... Not fun at all.

It's really nice here. Seriously... It's meant to be up to 41°F ('bout 5°C) this afternoon. Nice... I like Minnesotan winters, at least they're not boring.

Have a great Christmas Eve Eve... And Hanukah Eve Eve, and whatever else today is...

Fricking religions. Doesn't anyone understand that the only holiday that's important in December, the SOLSTICE is already PASSED?