Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Okay, so like... I've rarely done a "news" blog, and I'm sorry...

Again, trying to keep the gov. from spending a lot of time looking at the ex-ex-pat and his ex-pat wife.

Anyhoo... What I WILL do today, is call your attention to a few things, that aren't necessarily a real hum-dinger.


• A letter writer in today's Star and Sickle writes a good letter that sums up my personal feelings toward Minneapolis' idea to study re-instituting Street Cars in Minneapolis. I say - Go for it! Yay!

Here's a good opinion/editorial from the Star and Sickle. This is something that's been driving me insane for years... If you're gay. You can't form a legal attachment to your partner. This is shite. Okay... Example. "Gay Man" and his lover, together for 10 years. "Gay Man" gets into horrible accident. Is in hospital, attached to machines, brain-dead. "Gay Man's" partner, has discussed a DNR (do not resussitate) order with his partner. The partner tells the doc's this, and yet... The "Gay Man's" parents show up. They're fundamentalist Christians, and haven't spoken to "Gay Man" for over 10 years because of his life-style and sexual choices. They say... Keep him alive, it's a sin to un-plug. Now... If "Gay Man" were like a "straight couple" and was legally bound to his partner, then his partner would be able to say... "Gay Man" wanted to go. And that would be it. But because of the lack of legal rights for "committed" Gay couples, this can't happen. Just sort of pisses me off. Get off the "Gay Marriage" thing, and just make it a fucking "Civil Union" and let's move the hell on with our messed up society. 'K?

• Yeah, count me in on THIS opinion. Bring it back!

• Glad to see that they study weird things in Britain too. Just so you see my personal interest in this story... The university that is conducting the "study" is located inn Galashiels, the major town right by My Lady's Scottish home. Tee hee. In defence, sort of... It IS the biggest and best university for textiles and textile craft in Britain. But it's in the "Armpit" so... There you go.

Okay... That's it for today. Smiles readers,