Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I hate Job Searching

Hi there folks...

Well, the chore that began this morning at 10:00am, has finally been completed... AT 4:00, fricking PM!

That's right, folks....

Job searching, résumé (C.V.) printing and creation, cover letter typing, printing, and on-line applications sent.

I have three envelopes containing cover letters and c.v.'s for the jobs that didn't have an on-line option...

I've applied for:
- Retail, photographic supplies
- Sales, art work and designs
- Bartending jobs
- Graphic Design Jobs
- Art Director Jobs
- Photographer jobs

This job-search is NOT the same as my continued search for a professorial job somewhere in the country... This is a search either for an alternate career that will allow me to continue being an artist, whilst still having a pay cheque... Or something of a stop-gap depending on my job prospects for the future.

I hate this stuff... But.... It's done for now. Obviously... I'll be continuing this search... I get e-mails daily about new job opportunities that will require MORE of this... But the bulk of the current jobs are now completed.

Look... I need some happy thoughts... My bank balances are looking rather dire... I have a wife that CAN'T work depending on me, as well as a parent who is more broke than I am, allowing myself and my spouse to live with her...

I want a REAL job that will allow me to be a grown-up. You know?

So... Say a prayer, perform a magical rite, or just send happy thoughts... Whatever you prefer. I can use all the help I can get!

Thanks, readers...

From, your desperate and insane blog-writer...