Friday, January 06, 2006

Gah... STILL nothing.

It's been a stark, dry week! Nothing funny to talk about... Nothing really in my OWN life to speak about... Nothing.

Fi and I spent four hours yesterday coming up with a logo for our new web-art-place thing. That was fun. Two artists, both with their own strong opinions... Trying to agree on a logo.

Interesting? Maybe. Something to talk about on a blog? Nope... I love my marriage too much. (Just kidding love.)

Actually... It was very calm, but it DID take four hours to agree on a design. Och weel... Perhaps our shared work will be better than anything we would have done separately, simply from the constant "tweaking" it takes to get to something that we agree on. Hmm...

Anyhoo... If you want to SEE the logo... Click HERE on our new website. There's nothing UP there yet, except a "nothing here yet" page... But you can see the logo.

I'm currently messing with DHTML and CSS stuff in the design of the new site. That's why it's not already up there. I have to redesign my entire site, and actually "design" Fiona's part of it. She does video and sound... So I'm learning more about streaming and stuff too... Gah. Gone are the days of simple HTML. Gah.

Okay... Memes. I know... I know... Evil. But I found this one about "blogging" on This Guy's blog, and thought... What the hell... It could be an interesting study of my own strangeness.

How did you come to learn about blogging?
For quite some time, I had friends, N8 and Meshtey, that were doing blogging, and thought... Hell, I'm in Britain, and I should do this stuff too. I was always impressed with the ability to be able to post something, and have people write BACK making fun of me. Or something like that. My FIRST blog wasn't actually a "real" blog. But... I've started to catch up with other folks.

How long have you been blogging?
Um... My first "non-official" blog entry, which was just a "news" thing on my website was in September of 2003. My first, "reply-able" blog was here, in January of 2005, and it was nice to finally have a blog people could "comment" on.

What got you interested in creating your own blog?
Like many "other" folks, I assumed, wrongly, that I could do a much better blog than I had been reading... I was an ex-pat living in Britain, from America, and I had "stuff" that should have been interesting to others. Or so I egotistically THOUGHT. I've learned my lesson. Although... I did get named a "Minnesota Blog of the Day" from CityPages... So at least I'm not a complete waste of internet-space.

How many blogs do you have?
Really, only THIS one. I had another blog, You Call This Writing? which is actually now defunct, as I didn't finish the November Writing Month's challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Too bad...

How has blogging affected your life?
If I were being silly... I would talk about how empty my life is, and how spending an hour or more a day doing blogging has ruined my social life. However... To be honest, blogging kept me in touch with friends all over the world, and has had a great effect on my social-life, as I actually have been able to get together with other "computer-geeks" and see people in an actual setting.

What feelings do you associate with blogging?
I refuse to answer this question, as it's silly. Shit... Okay, um... "Wonderous fondling of verisimilitudinous feelings."

How does blogging benefit you?
Well, to be entirely honest... I haven't felt any "far-reaching" effects that have come through my blogging. I guess, it keeps me from writing 20 e-mails a day to my friends around the world, as they can just read this thing, and they'll know how I'm doing.

Discuss some of the relationships you have formed through blogging and how they have affected your life.
I haven't actually formed many "cyber-relationships" through blogging. I've met a few folks, and talked with a few folks... But I tend to be more of an observer of other people's blogs, and don't do a lot of "commenting" except with people I actually know. I tend to read a few blogs like This Guy who lives in St. Paul, but with British connections, whom I found through This Lady, whom I found by searching for "Upcoming wedding in Scotland" as I was about to embark on the experience. Jennyfreckles is a Scot who lives in London and teaches... I was an American living in Canterbury, marrying a Scot... A few months after her. I have NO idea who Jennyfreckles IS, I don't know who Chris Cope is... I'm sure both of them would be surprised that there's this weird Yank reading their blogs... But that's not a relationship... They don't know me... And now I'm babbling. Gah. My Lady, N8, Meshtey, and Mick would be the closest "relationships" I have over blogging. But again, I tend to SEE them occasionally... With My Lady, I see her everyday, as I'm married to her.

Okay... The end of that Meme.

Man... That's a lot of linking. I'm tired now.

Take care readers... Smiles,