Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I got nothin.

Honestly... I did spend some time looking around. Besides the rather horrible:

Miners are all alive, celebrations... (Yesterday's BBC breaking news)

Oh wait.

Company apologises for telling families that the miners were all alive. (Today's BBC News)


Seriously, last night at about 11:30pm (-6 GMT) I read that the miners were all found alive EXCEPT for one guy, and today... All are DEAD except for one guy in critical condition.

Dude... Do you see the lawsuits? I do. And for once, I don't argue with the litigious nature of the U.S.


Anyhoo... Nothing really to go on about today, so I thought I'd throw up this picture that I made back in Scotland in September.

Notice the print that I've circled "red":

Copyright © 2005, by Tucker MacNeill. All rights reserved.

Okay... Adiós! My Lady and I have a few art related things to go over. Wish us luck. Planning on embarking on the first collaboration is a scary thought!