Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Okay... It's been a day.

First... I'll give the GOOD news, although it's tempered by the fact that it was a bit of an ordeal.

Okay... I got a NEW Airport, from the Apple Store today. It took three hours of waiting, and a bit of kvetching from both Fi and myself, but... I'm typing this from my laptop, through an Airport connection!


So, now Fiona and myself are all happy and stuff.

That's the good news.

The bad news? Do you really want to know?

Well... It's more immigration stuff.

Are you SURE you really want to know?

Okay... You asked for it, as you're still reading.

Part of the whole "Marriage Visa" thing, is that the foreigner (or to be fair, My Lady) has to get a health-check. A physical performed, vaccinations given, and tests run. Okay? Sure, don't want any foreign bugs to destroy the population of the U.S., now do we? But...

My Lady's TB test came up "positive." So... Today, we got to go get a chest x-ray. We don't know WHY, necessarily... And the doctor is talking about a check up every month for 9 months... Or something. Okay...

So... We really are a bit stuck. I'm hoping my lawyer has sent in all the stuff that he HAS so far, 'cause the health-thing is definitely going to be taking some time.

Now, the really FUNNY bit about this... Is that Fi's had a TB vaccination back in Britain. So... I'm thinking (I'm not a doctor, but) I'm thinking... That the test came back positive, 'cause she has the anti-bodies due to the vaccination. See... They don't HAVE a vaccination for TB in the States. So... They may be a bit dim when it comes to this whole thing.

What are we doing about it? Well... We've left a message for the lawyer... We are going to write to Fiona's doc, back in Britain, and try to get her vaccination records, to prove that Fi isn't absolutely "riddled with TB" or something.

What a fucking kick in the head!


Look... Folks. I've told Fi this, and I've meant it... All the problems that we're going through are going to be worth it in the end... I love her... She loves me... And we're going to sort all this shite out, and move on with our lives... But I do want to express and give a caveat or two, to everyone else out there:

Do Not Marry A Foreign Bride/Groom! Just don't. Save yourself the frustration, the tears, and the torment.



Anyhoo... There we are.

Happy that our computers are all happily talking together... But... Having to deal with a LOT of crap too.

Life, huh?

Okay... I'm off. Smiles and kittens.